What others are saying...
"Using the survey was worth the investment of time. The culmination of our perceptions, thoughts and opinions revealed true insight into our church culture and operations.

While the results reinforced what we believe God is already doing in our church we also learned about areas and processes that need our attention, prayers and perseverance. If we did not go through the Church Baseline we would truly be in the dark."

Gary Vlk
Board Member
Ginger Creek Community Church

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About Us

In our years of consulting with for-profit and non-profit organizations, we
consistently found performance gaps, which at their root, were often solved
through improved communication.  And.... we found that in churches and
ministries too!  Churches and ministries also require insights to develop staff
and serve their congregants more effectively.

We created Church Baseline to assist in identifying critical areas that must
be in place to create healthy and growing organizations (spiritually and
MAYBE numerically).

We didn't want an expensive and onerous process in this regard - our goal was to create something that could be used in under 30 minutes, be comprehensive, easy to understand (and apply) and also  affordable. We believe we've succeeded and invite you to be the judge.

Church Baseline provides a more objective method to self-assess and get USEFUL results fast. Of course, some of you will be too easy on yourselves while others too hard. However, the depth of the questions will provide you with a more insightful perspective than you would otherwise be able to do on your own.

"You start where you stand, but know clearly where you stand," we say. With Church Baseline, you will  be amazed at the interaction and the coming together your team will experience as we reveal what's working and what's important.  We look forward to assisting you seeing your church/ministry in a whole new light. 

Please contact us with any questions.

Best regards,
J.R. Samples