What others are saying...
"Using the survey was worth the investment of time. The culmination of our perceptions, thoughts and opinions revealed true insight into our church culture and operations.

While the results reinforced what we believe God is already doing in our church we also learned about areas and processes that need our attention, prayers and perseverance. If we did not go through the Church Baseline we would truly be in the dark."

Gary Vlk
Board Member
Ginger Creek Community Church

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Church Baseline uses a database that allows it to scale based on number of participants. This makes it affordable for a single pastor and churches with thousands of members.

Church Baseline pricing is based on the number of groups and participants.  This allows it to be affordable to any single Pastor or Church leader who wishes to step back and look at the Church's mission and effectiveness more objectively.

We reserve several assessments per month which we provide on a pro bono basis for churches and ministries who have financial challenges. 

For further information, please contact us.