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I believe that although our elders and deacons have been united in relationship, we have had struggles with getting on the same page in our vision because of the wide variety of religious backgrounds in our church.

By taking this study, I believe it helped us become more aware of how far apart we were in our thinking. When we were finally able to get together and take a long hard look at the results, it opened our eyes to just how far apart we were in our thinking. This in turn, helped us all get on the same page. It allowed us to see the problem from the same perspective, and with the same context and terminology, which pulled us closer into alignment.

Dock Caton
Elder Board Member
Ginger Creek Community Church

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Our Baseline applications are customized for different organization types - Business, Not-for-profit, Government, Education and more. What our clients find most unique about our applications is their positioning as an "enterprise platform" for business performance and leadership development. The Baseline products provide a common language and report delivery across the breadth of an organization. By breadth we mean:
  • Board Level Perspective for Board Governance
  • Organization-wide for strategy, alignment and execution
  • Individual Leadership focus to provide insight for development of executive and managerial staff
The specific markets are as follows:

Board Baseline - designed for internal or external Board Governance

ORGANIZATION - Business Oriented

Business Baseline - developed for Fortune 500 and larger enterprises
SMB Baseline - developed for Small-Medium Businesses (for profit)
Sales and Marketing Baseline - a "deep dive" into sales and marketing strategy and operations
Credit Union Baseline - developed exclusively for Credit Unions
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

ORGANIZATION - Government and Education Oriented

Education Baseline - developed for K- 12 and Higher Education Institutions
Government Baseline - developed for local, county, state and federal entities
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

ORGANIZATION - Not-for-Profit

NFP Baseline - designed for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Church Baseline - developed for use in Churches
Ministry Baseline - developed specifically for not-for-profit ministries
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

INDIVIDUAL - Leadership and Culture

Leadership Baseline - a development process for your current and future leaders.

The following applications are under development - please contact us for more information:
  • Finance Baseline
  • IT/Technology Baseline
  • HR Baseline
  • Supply Chain Baseline
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