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Why Church Baseline?

Any chance you have different points of view among your pastoral staff, church leaders and congregation? It is common - not unusual -  for these individuals and groups to have different perspectives.  That is human nature and it can be an incredible strength or an overwhelming drain.

When people see things differently and care deeply about your priorities and direction, any decision can get complicated.

When you have a way to allow everyone to express their personal view and then see where the group stands as a whole, it becomes easier to build consensus on direction. Quantifying feelings in a structured fashion allows for a more neutral discussion and creates decisions everyone can support.


Church Baseline brings focus to the ministry as a whole. You can request the assessment by groups and roles or by location. For example, groups might include pastoral staff; ministry staff; church board; church council; and Members. If you have multiple locations, you can evaluate your ministry by different locations or campuses.

Whichever is right for you, there is no better time than the present to start bringing your dedicated staff and congregation together.

The following sections explain how Church Baseline is different from homegrown surveys using software and services like Survey Monkey or Zoomerang.

Experts developed assessment questions
Improperly written questions or statements are one of the most common problems with surveys because they're leading or show bias. The level of bias can be obvious or subtle. In both cases, the survey results won't be reliable. We use a scientific process called Cronbach Alpha to increase the reliability of the answers and reduce bias.

Ability to compare groups to verify organizational alignment
Many surveys are a "one size fits all" and issues of alignment are not available. We make it easy to create groups of respondents and compare the results between groups. This is the only way to ensure everyone "rows in the same direction." The baseline pinpoints areas where misconceptions or assumptions cause problems. This is often rated as the #1, most important result of the findings.

Provides comparison information for benchmark
In-house baselines provide no contextual comparison to other church/ministry bodies. With our results, you receive a benchmark comparison to give an overview of your overall ministry in comparison to your peers.

Easy to interpret reports

The reports include a variety of visual representations: line graphs, bar charts, scorecards, quadrant analysis and spidergrams. They're easy to read and understand, so you can immediately identify the actions to take and spend less time debating the data.

Fast results
Most baselines are started and completed within 30 days -- sometimes within days for small groups and limited participants. You receive your results within 24 hours after the assessment closes. In-house surveys can take months to produce results.

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