What others are saying...
"Thank you so much for providing this tool for us. I really thought the assessment, and even more than that, the feedback it provided was superb.

The data it provided about what we're good at and what we need to work at to be great really helped facilitate a great conversation and drove our board towards unity in thought in a number of key areas. It helped us refine our mission moving forward and opened new conversations desperately needed!"

Dr. Brett Avery
Lead Pastor
Ginger Creek Community Church

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Church Baseline Advisors

Our advisors work with churches in the following areas:

Preparation. We work with each ministry to select the proper baseline, the groups, participants and roll-out schedule.

Administration. Your advisor works with you to distribute instructions to your participants, answer participant questions during the assessment and inform your executive sponsor of its status.

Report Preparation. The average report is between 20 and 30 pages. (It depends on groups and participants.) Your advisor reviews your assessment and prepares to discuss its findings with you.

Debrief. Each Baseline includes a 60- to 90-minute virtual debriefing. In person debriefs and group meeting facilitation is available.

Planning. After taking time to reflect and review the results, the leadership team selects two to three items to focus on. We provide forms for guidance upon request. Additional facilitation is also available when you need someone from outside the church who can provide an objective perspective. We recommend some form of SMART or RACI planning to ensure effective follow-through and communication.

Follow-up and Accountability. When requested we provide monthly or quarterly check-ins to ensure your organization sees progress and overcomes obstacles.

If you have a heart for working with pastors and church leadership, possess effective communication and facilitation skills, and want to provide Church Baseline to your circles of influence, please contact us. We see this as a valuable tool for bringing people together to further expand the global impact of God's work through his churches.

For more information, please contact us.