What others are saying...
We thank you for facilitating our leadership weekend retreat. I found the session and the Church Baseline process compelling and thought provoking.

There was much wisdom and truth presented and generated. I suspect that it always a struggle for Christian leaders to be as wise as possible, implementing secular truth and biblical truth into Jesus Church. Your assistance with us is much appreciated.

All His Blessings,

Gary B.
Board Member
Ginger Creek Community Church

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Who Benefits?

The Church Baseline assessment, equally useful as a ministry baseline, provides guidance to church and ministry leaders based on a self-assessment that identifies what's working and what's important.  

How Church Baseline Helps

When we ask churches if they want to increase congregational impact and involvement, we often receive a resounding "Yes!"

We ask a follow-up question, "When was the last time you formally engaged in a process of asking your pastors, board and/or members about their mission, vision and program impact?" They respond, "Never" or “I wouldn't know where to start." We provide that vehicle.

The great news is everyone cares or else they wouldn't attend or get involved. This also means they most likely have an opinion about how things are running ... or should be running. The challenge is finding an effective way to collect pastoral, church board and/or member input. We collect the view of these different groups to allow leaders to easily understand the other groups' views, align those views and move onto constructive engagement for all groups!  

You may have also experienced times where misconceptions about issues take on a life of their own and drag the church's direction, effectiveness and worship environment. We provide the structure to bring these issues into an environment where they are discussed and resolved. This leads to a renewed sense of teamwork among pastors, staff, board and members.

 Church Baseline is also a tool for the visionary leader and the pragmatist. Sometimes we fly at 60,000 feet rather than 30,000. Other times, we're so focused on each step that we miss windows of opportunity that could dramatically impact our ministry. Church Baseline allows us to gather critical information that our staff and congregation may not otherwise have an effective means to bring to the attention of the church leadership.

Who uses Church Baseline?

The following lists some of the more common users of Church Baseline:
  • Shepherds and leaders who value objective data from their staff, boards and members.
  • Newly placed pastors or leaders who want a broad idea of where things stand.
  • Leaders who need to reignite their teams and congregation to reach their ministerial goals.
  • Leaders who want to identify obstacles that could potentially derail efforts in meeting goals.  
  • Situations that call for identifying an immediate "win"
  • Those "hearing noises" and need a better idea whether the engine needs overhauling or minor repairs.
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